Many children feel anxious or fearful when visiting the dentist. At Bay Colony Dentistry, we provide sedation dentistry for children so that they can relax and receive their treatments comfortably. We invite you to call us at 757-321-1300 to learn more about sedation dentistry for children in Virginia Beach, Virginia, and to make an appointment for your child with Dr. Deborah Blanchard.

Our dentist may recommend sedation dentistry for your child if:

  • They are unable to keep still long enough for our dentist to safely perform a high-precision procedure
  • They struggle to manage anxiety or fear during their appointment
  • They have special needs

Sedation dentistry makes dental care less stressful for the child, their parents and our dentist, and reduces the risk of injury. With sedation dentistry, children are often more cooperative and feel relaxed and happier about their treatment.

There are several types of sedation dentistry available. When you bring your child to our office, our dentist will discuss your child’s medical history, treatment options and comfort level to determine which type of sedation will be most beneficial for them. Here are the most common types of conscious sedation:

  • Nitrous Oxide (“Laughing Gas”) – this form of sedation works via inhalation. It is fast-acting as well wears off quickly. It involves no needles or injections, simply the placement of a mask over your child’s nose.
  • Oral Sedation – oral sedatives are available in several forms, including tablets, pills and liquids. Your child will simply take this medication prior to their appointment and arrive at the dental office feeling relaxed.
  • IV Sedation – IV sedation is administered directly to your child’s bloodstream via injection. It works quickly and effectively to help them relax.

In more severe cases, Dr. Deborah Blanchard may recommend a general anesthetic. General anesthetic puts your child into a deep sleep and is typically only recommended for children who need lengthy or complex treatment or who cannot cooperate or follow instructions. General anesthesia may also be recommended if a procedure cannot be safely performed otherwise.

For more information about sedation dentistry for children and to schedule a consultation with our caring dentist, please call our office today.

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