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Caring for Emergency Dental Situations

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Developing an oral injury or other pressing dental concern can be scary and urgent, and Dr. Deborah Blanchard and our team want to help you. We encourage you to learn more about addressing certain dental emergencies, such as injuries and wedged objects.

Tongue and Cheek Injury
It’s common to suffer bites to the tongue or cheek when you are chewing food or gum quickly or with vigor. However, these injuries can cause you to need emergency dental care in the even that you sustain a bad bite. The development of a flap or sore may require you to schedule an appointment with a dental professional.

Wedged Object in the Mouth
If you have an object such as food wedged in your mouth, we typically advise against removing it yourself if it seems particularly stuck. Often, this can cause you to develop further damage and even increase your risk of infection if you are poking at your mouth with dirty hands.

Tonsil and Gland Issues
When food or bacteria becomes lodged in oral areas such as your tonsils, throat or mouth, it’s possible to develop tonsil and gland stones that impair your oral function. Lingering bacteria can begin to calcify as it flourishes, forming a solid mass. You may notice these stones if you have an unpleasant odor. Some stones pass on their own without your notice, but if you are experiencing swelling or pain, we encourage you to seek treatment.

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