Baby Bottle Tooth Decay

Baby bottle tooth decay is the term used to refer to early childhood cavities. This type of tooth decay occurs primarily in infants and toddlers, and is caused by bacteria in the mouth. Baby bottle tooth decay is most frequently the result of a child keeping a bottle of sweetened liquid in bed with them at night, or of parents and children sharing saliva via utensils or cups.

When children keep a bottle of sweetened liquid in bed with them, such as breast milk, baby formula, juice, and sweetened water, these liquids can remain in the mouth for some time. Oral bacteria feed on the sugar left in the mouth by these liquids, and emit harmful acids that attack and wear away tooth enamel. Likewise, sharing forks or spoons with your child can transmit saliva from your mouth to theirs, including decay-causing bacteria.

You can help prevent baby bottle tooth decay by:

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